Hub GDPR Bootcamp: Refresh

For this special extended GDPR bootcamp we’re reflecting on another year of GDPR and looking back on GDPR compliance in general and what you should be doing to ensure ongoing compliance. We’ll be covering: The GDPR basics (principles, rights, lawful basis, etc.) Practical application of GDPR Maintaining compliance Q&A After the session, you’ll receive: A …

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Webinar: Cookie Consent Update

The ICO has recently changed it’s approach to consent and the use of cookies. Join us for this webinar to uncover the truth about cookies, consent, the ICO guidance and what the ICO expects from you and your website cookies. We’ll be covering: Background to PECR and GDPR rules re: cookies What the new cookie …

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ICO intends to fine BA and Marriott (£183m and £99m)

ICO BA Marriott fines

This week the ICO has published statements on its intentions to fine British Airways £183m and Marriott Hotels £99m for breaches of GDPR. But before everyone gets excited about the size of the fines, remember these are just “intentions” to fine, not actual fines. So, so far BA and Marriott have not been fined. They …

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UK’s Data Protection Act 2018 challenged for immigration exemptions

Data Protection immigration exemption

PICUM (the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants) have issued a press release saying they have “filed a formal complaint to the European Commission against the UK for flouting the EU’s regulation on data protection (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) by including a broad immigration control exemption in its new Data Protection Act.” The …

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First GDPR fine in Poland for breach of Article 14 of the GDPR

GDPR fine for Article 14 breach

The Polish data protection authority (UODO) has fined a company PLN943k (about £188k) for failure to inform data subjects about how they came to have their data and how they were planning on processing it (Article 14 of the GDPR). Article 14 is part of the GDPR’s “right to be informed” provisions that require you …

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First significant GDPR fine hits Google (£44m)

Google fined for consent issues

The French data regulator, CNIL, (the French equivalent of the UK’s ICO) has fined Google €50m, a record when it comes to data protection fines. The fine follows an investigation after a complaint from privacy rights groups noyb and La Quadrature du Net in May last year about the way consent is collected by Google, for …

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