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A problem shared is a problem halved

At the Digital Compliance Hub, we understand that you’ll have data protection, data privacy and data security challenges from time to time; we hope they don’t crop up too often for you, but when they do you want the assurance there’s someone available to give you the direction you need, when you need it most. We also understand that sometimes you can be overloaded with some of the accountability and documentation aspects of GDPR: that’s where we come in!

Whether you need an independent opinion, some specific advice, perhaps interpreting the law or just a shoulder to cry on, we’re here to help whether that’s with a breach, subject access request, a review of your DPIA or an assessment of a data processor. This is what our Assist services are all about – they’re a natural extension to our main help and support via email, phone and online chat focusing on some of the key challenges you’re likely to face. They basically work like this:

  1. You have an issue or challenge you need help with
  2. You contact us for our help and guidance
  3. We produce a written opinion confirming the advice in writing so you have documentary evidence to meet your accountability obligations (under GDPR) and in some cases we will also provide further recommended actions

You can trust us to be discreet and all the information you provide will be treated in total confidence, but we are happy to sign NDAs if you would prefer (just contact us via email to organise).

Currently we offer the following Assist services:

  • SAR Assist – help with dealing with subject access requests
  • DPIA Assist – assistance and second opinions on your DPIA risks
  • Breach Assist – help and guidance with data breaches including a written opinion
  • Processor Assist – help with your data processor due diligence and contract negotiations
  • Policy Assist – review of your policy documents