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Data compliance resources for MATs, academies and schools

The majority of the main GDPR/data protection guidance is applicable to the education sector, but there are some specific data compliance challenges that face Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), academies and schools which are worthy of a separate section.

So, if you’re looking for general data protection guidance, then use the main GDPR section of the Hub, otherwise, specifics affecting education should be found in this section, including:

…and marketing compliance wise, well that doesn’t vary generally from organisation to organisation although there may be some subtle differences which you’ll find outlined in this education section.

For clarity, generally, in this section rather than listing all the various educational establishments, we will use the word “school” to include schools and academies unless stated otherwise (e.g. if there is a difference), and “Trust” when something is specific to the governing Academy Trust.

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And of course, if you can’t find the answer to your question or need help with an education related data protection or GDPR query, you can use our helpline to get the help you need.