Hub Helpline

GDPR and Data Protection Advice & Support

Unlimited Email & Phone Support

Policies, FAQs, checklists, etc.

Breach, SAR, DPIA assistance

Why choose the Hub Helpline?

Tailored Support for your Business

Our on boarding process means we get to know your business. This enables us to give you tailored advice when you need it most

Replacement for the ICO Helpline

No more trying to get through on the ICO helpline online to find they won't give you the precise advice or answers you need

Cheaper than using your lawyer

Our unlimited email/phone helpline means you don't need to worry about running up expensive phone bills with your solicitor

Over 20 years of Experience

The support we give is based on our 20+ years experience of working with businesses, addressing their data protection compliance

Online Resources and Guidance

Pages of online support documents, templates, checklists, FAQs, all tailored to provide you with the basics of what your compliance needs

Discounted Training and Workshops

Take part in our workshops, online training courses and webinars, usually free or discounted to Hub Helpline subscribers

Let's work together to get your compliance right