Mark GraceyThe Digital Compliance Hub was founded in 2017 by Mark Gracey. Mark began working in the internet industry in the mid-90s when he joined Demon Internet to help set up their commercial web sales and support team; this was the early days of the web requiring a knowledge of HTML, Perl scripting and Apache web servers. From there Mark set up one of the UK’s first network abuse team which led to a fifteen year career in internet regulation dealing with everything from internet content liability to data protection and police liaison. Responsible for ensuring internal compliance and influencing external stakeholders he’s worked with the government and advised the House of Lords on internet policy matters as well as influencing the outcomes of a number of pieces of legislation, chairing the national ISP trade body, ISPA and sitting on the board of the Internet Watch Foundation.

In June 2014 he set up Flavourfy Digital, a digital strategy consultancy which now focuses on delivering data protection and digital compliance, digital security and digital performance.

Mark has a Computer Science Degree (BSc Hons) and a Masters Degree (LLM) in Computer and Communications Law and has worked at businesses like Demon Internet, THUS plc, Cable&Wireless and Vodafone.

About the Digital Compliance Hub

The Digital Compliance Hub has been set up to provide a resource of useful information, documents, guidance and support for SMEs in the following areas:

  • Data protection and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • Privacy regulation compliance
  • Marketing compliance
  • Data and web security

The Hub is a subscription/membership system. For a monthly charge members get access to a range of documents and guidance information as well as a compliance support helpline (email and phone), that will help them protect their business in the digital world.

The Hub is ideally suited to the UK’s SME market, particularly for businesses who do not usually need to employ someone specifically to carry out the role of a data protection manager or officer. Members benefit from a wide range of support materials that would otherwise not have access to within their business.

If this sounds of interest to you, then why not sign up and see for yourself with the free trial.

Via the Hub, Mark Gracey, also offers a range of bespoke consultancy services including Data Protection Offer services, compliance reviews and training.