Hubdate: what’s new with the Hub? (September 2019)

There’s been some key changes to the way the Digital Compliance Hub provides GDPR and data privacy and security services. If you’re a Hub subscriber, don’t worry, none of these changes affects your service, other than improving it!

Digital Compliance Hub services

We’ve looked at how best to differentiate the various services that we offer. So we now speak of offering three key services/products:

  1. The Hub Helpline – this is the new name for the Digital Compliance Hub subscription support service. We’ve made some improvements to what we offer, having added various assistance services from data processor due diligence and DPIA help to data breach reviews and recommendations as well as introducing online chat as another way in which to get the help you need when you need it, so you can now get unlimited phone, email and online chat support as well as the library of resources – details of other changes to the content are listed below
  2. Hub DPO which is our outsourced data protection management and mandated DPO service (i.e. DPO-as-a-Service) offering data protection compliance to businesses looking to outsource their compliance activities. This is our “hands-on” service and we’re happy to be registered as your mandated DPO too
  3. Hub PAYG – this is our ad-hoc consultancy service where you pay by the hour for consultancy services when you need it be that a review of a policy document, help with a breach or other data protection and privacy issue. We also offer by-the-day rates for larger projects such as reviews and compliance implementation

So going forward, future Hubdates will be updates to our Hub Helpline service

Updates to the Hub Helpline content and resources

As always, if you’re a Hub Helpline subscriber and are looking for advice and guidance and can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch via the helpline.

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