ICO continues with its fee chasing: care homes on the ICO radar

Back in November 2018, the ICO issued a number of fines to organisations who failed to register under the new data protection fee scheme.

Action for failure to register looks set to continue as last month the ICO issued a warning to care home services, highlighting “All organisations that are required to pay the data protection fee must prioritise payment or risk getting a formal letter from us outlining enforcement action.” They have written to a number of care home businesses about their lack of registration and have given them 21 days to rectify the situation or face enforcement.

The data protection fee is set by Government to ensure the ICO is adequately funded. It came into force the same time as the GDPR (25th May) and whilst there are a number of exemptions, it’s likely that most businesses processing personal data will need to pay the fee. Organisations currently registered under the old scheme will be expected to switch over to the new system once their old registration expires.

If you need help interpreting the new rules or exemptions or indeed looking for assistance with any GDPR compliance for your organisation, the Digital Compliance Hub is here to help.

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