Data Protection Bill to receive Royal Assent 23rd May

According to the Parliament website both the House of Commons and House of Lords have agreed on the text of the Data Protection Bill which now awaits Royal Assent, which is scheduled for tomorrow (23rd May 2018).

The Bill will become the Data Protection Act 2018. It’s main aims are to:

  • implement the GDPR into UK law
  • set out how the UK applies the derogations available under the GDPR
  • bring the Law Enforcement Directive into UK law
  • update the laws governing the processing of personal data by the intelligence services
  • ensure the UK is able to freely exchange data with the European Union post-Brexit
  • repeal the Data Protection Act 1998
  • provide for the Information Commissioner’s functions
  • provide for a direct marketing code of conduct

More information about the progress of the Bill can be found on the Bill page and on the ICO’s website (which includes a useful translation of what it actually means).