ICO fines FlyBe and Honda over direct marketing issues

digital compliance alert

The ICO have issued a couple of fines relating to direct marketing offences. Of most interest will be the Honda fine. Honda contacted a number of customers via email to ask them if they were happy to receive marketing emails. ICO declared this a breach of PECR due to the fact the customers hadn’t consented to the use of their email in this way. Honda believed they were OK to do this as they were simply asking for consent, but […]

Five steps to GDPR Readiness

five steps to gdpr compliance

In case you’ve missed it, there’s just over a year until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU’s new data protection rules that will supersede the UK’s Data Protection Act in May 2018 – no doubt you’ll have seen various tickers or timers counting down the months, weeks, days… Moving towards readiness for compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. Whilst the law itself is complex and introduces a number of changes to the way data can be processed as […]

What does the Great Repeal Bill mean for data protection?

data protection great repeal bill

On 2nd February the UK Government published it’s white paper setting out the 12 principles which will guide the UK’s exit from the EU (Brexit). The plan includes “providing certainty and clarity” and “taking control of our own laws”. The principle for taking control of our own laws is an interesting one. It generally refers to a proposed Great Repeal Bill (introduced to Parliament back in October) which will remove the European Communities Act 1972 from UK law and convert all our exiting EU […]