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Help and support when you need it most
GDPR & Privacy Support Helpline
Email & Phone Support

Get the expert compliance help you need or use us to sanity check your compliance approach.

GDPR and privacy guidance and advice
Doc & Policy Reviews

Advice and guidance on your data compliance documentation, policies and contracts.

Compliance tools

Compliance posters, walk-throughs, checklists and everything you need to be compliant.

Data Compliance Reviews
Process Assistance

Helping you with your SAR, DPIA, processor due diligence and breach assessments.

Alerts & Updates

Keep up to date with the latest data protection, privacy, security and compliance news.


Videos, training materials and other content to help you deliver compliance across your business.


Reasons why Compliance Matters

Why compliance is critical to your business

Customer confidence

If you can demonstrate you take compliance seriously, your customers will love you for it. 



You need to protect your business from complaints, keep the regulators on your side and protect your business from outside influence


Peace of mind

Knowing you have access to the Hub will help you run your business knowing the support you need is there when you need it most.


Happy employees

Instil a compliance culture across your business to drive it forward and empower trust and loyalty from your employees

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Find out how we can support your business

about the hub

Welcome to the Digital Compliance Hub.

At the Hub, we like to think we can help you pretty much with any aspect of your data compliance, whether that’s answering your difficult GDPR questions, providing in-house support or just being there when you need help the most.

We were founded by Mark Gracey in 2017, who has specialised in data protection and related regulation in the digital space since the 1998 Data Protection Act. His expertise is backed up by a Computer Science Degree (so he can speak “techy”) and an LLM in Computer and Communications Law (so he speaks “legal” too).

Our main Hub offering is a subscription based Helpline, offering email and phone support when you need it most, backed up with a library of resources including guidance, FAQs, policy templates, briefing packs and other tools. 

But we also provide a managed compliance service where we take care of your compliance for you as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) (mandated by GDPR or not). Or we can help you on an ad-hoc (pay as you go), basis with everything from policies and training your team to specific advice and guidance.

Want to know more? Drop us a line, or contact us via Messenger (using the icon in the bottom right).


Compliance Blog

The latest compliance news, views and updates

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Annual Compliance Playbook

A checklist roadmap to your ongoing GDPR compliance. The Playbook provides checklists and tips to help you demonstrate you’re taking data protection seriously and regularly reviewing your compliance.

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